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Life Happens

Yesterday I wrote my blog entry, after much thought, and then life really happened – my computer suddenly slowed down to the extend I was typing faster than it could process, and it eventually came to a screeching halt – actually the computer didn’t screech, but I did.  So for the rest of the day I sat in front of it, called tech support and spent money getting a really good [I hope] malware and virus protection software, together with a complete tune up of the beast.  Today I’m doing the same for Peter’s computer, keeping half an eye on it while I do this.

So, where was I?  Oh yes, life happens.  Peter and I were all set to go to the Southern Bamboo Rod Makers gathering.  Hotels were booked, and we were both really looking forward to the trip.  Lots of car knitting for me, time to visit with the kids on the way down, and time to visit with Deb when we got there [my sister-from-another-mother], and for Peter, connecting with fly fishermen and rod makers from all over, gathering to share knowledge, history, scotch and beer.  Well, stuff happened, he got a diagnosis of DVT’s [blood clots] which made any long car trip out of the question.  So now I’m once again sitting at the computer, looking out at an overcast day, but Popple trees in golden glory with the occasional red blaze of sugar maple.  Somehow the leaves seem almost more luminous when they are wet.  Keats said it best in his Ode to Autumn – season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

I had more in the post I lost – but the thoughts have disappeared together with the post into the black hole I call cyberspace. So, what’s new fiber-wise?  Well the shawl I made for the West Branch Fiber show didn’t make it there in time – bit of a bummer, but as I said, life happens.  I did enjoy the show.  New acquisitions, including some wonderful yarn from Briar Rose in a colorway called Fourth of July, which is a light to dark purple colorway and is my Christmas present to myself, enough for a really nice jacket.


I took my friend Mary, and she slithered further into the world of yarn with some wonderful purchases, and all in all we had a great day.  I finished the Wallaby for my eldest granddaughter, proceeded to loose the pattern, ordered it again and have now started on the one for my youngest granddaughter.  Also on the needles, fingerless mitts for Christmas gifts, “car socks” for the donation box – I hate to rush when I need something for an auction – and more plans that I will probably have time for.



Carwen's wallaby

These are Carwen’s sweater and headband – had fun with those.  She hasn’t seen the wallaby yet – and she won’t see this blog, so it will be a surprise for her birthday in December.

pretzel scarf

This is a scarf I designed, specifically to be worn in the pretzel-tie – wide on one end, but narrower where it goes round the neck, less bulk and also less yarn and less knitting!  I will finish writing the pattern, and if you want a copy, leave me a comment and I’ll send it to you.

The spinning wheel has also been busy – a friend who went to Iceland brought all of the quilting group Icelandic yarn – most of it was the unspun variety which is extremely difficult to knit with, so I am “spinning” on the wheel and will ply it so everyone will be able to knit with it.  There are some wonderful colors, and hopefully I will have the first wheel done by Monday.  Then I have some great roving I got from Deb Cline – sort of black-watch colors, which will make a wonderful vest, and some merino/silk mix I’m plying into  self-striping yarn.  I guess I’ve just got to slow down a little with new projects, and keep finishing stuff I’ve got started.  Oh yes, the boys tell me they have worn out their felted slippers hint, hint.  Can we move Christmas into February??

So, keep that fiber flowing – all is well with the world.


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